T made me lunch today.  If you were a skeptic, you could say he repackaged food brought home from Karl Strauss into smaller containers.  But he repackaged them with the intent of turning them into lunch: some buffalo chicken pieces, carrot and celery sticks, spinach dip, a bag of bread crisps, and a small container of ranch dressing.  Two of each, one for him and one for me.  It was very nice, especially since it didn’t require any thought on my part beyond deciding whether to eat the spinach dip with the carrots and celery (marginally healthier) or spreading it onto the bread crisps (much tastier).  It turns out I did both, as I ran out of veggies before I ran out of spinach dip.

For breakfast, I handed him a cup of yogurt and a kiss on my way off to work. 

Thank you for making my lunch today, baby.  It was just perfect.


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