Poway Days

This weekend kicked off Poway Days, essentially a 2-week celebration of, um, the city of Poway? Wait, let me go find an article that explains what we’re celebrating. Okay, here’s one. So, we’re celebrating our Powegian heritage and what makes our community unique. I have to agree that Poway is a unique little city. We’re the “City in the Country”! The proximity of our house to the main part of town also makes us appreciate where we live. Very close to home we have ice cream, frozen yogurt, a movie theater and a Blockbuster, burritos, pet food, sushi, Thai, fast food, drug stores, grocery stores, Henry’s, Wal-Mart, a farmers market, a fancy restaurant, dentists galore, my vet, nurseries, Home Depot, and Costco. When I say close to home, I mean we could walk there if we didn’t mind hauling huge loads of stuff back with us. We live next to the “creek”, which is next to the dog park, library, civic center, senior center, and elementary school. There’s also a skate park, if you’re interested. But, you also get a small town kind of feeling when you go to a local diner or flower shop. Or butcher.

When some Lion’s Club members came by selling tickets to the Pancake Breakfast, how could I say no? They were so cute, going door to door, and it’s hard to turn them down when said breakfast is a short walk away. For $6, you get all the pancakes, sausage, margarine, coffee, and orange drink you can handle. For me, one plate was more than enough. We gathered in the Senior Center with everyone else, turned in our ticket, got a plate of food, and sat down. Let me say that if you are a senior in Poway, you’ve got a pretty cool place to hang out. They have bingo, tai chi, yoga, a pool, and a gift shop to sell your crocheted/knit/sewn crafts. Very cute. Plus, for $3 you can have a hot lunch!

After breakfast, we walked down Poway Road to catch the end of the parade (note to the ROTC, please stay in step), wave hello to the Petco dog and cat and get a coupon, spot some cute puppies, and then pop into Henry’s for a few things. I wanted to go to the farmers market, but I couldn’t remember how late they ran (8 am to 11:30 am, for future reference). Then we wandered back home, bypassing the Chipotle, and detouring to check out the Baja Dogs for adoption (I just wanted to look, Mom, I promise!). We walked back through the community area and spotted the fireworks getting set up, sketchy carnival rides going, and the various food stands (kettle corn, cotton candy, shave ice, bbq, and a Carl’s Jr. stand).

After a nap and a yummy dinner at Korea House on Convoy, we made it back just in time to walk to the fireworks. It was quite a show! They set off so many fireworks, I kept thinking we were at the grand finale… and then more would go off! It would have been better if there was some sort of music to go along, but since I love fireworks of any kind I was just happy to watch. And being in the middle of this small field with all the other Powegians made me feel happy to be a part of this community celebration. It’s a cool little place that we call home.


2 responses to “Poway Days

  1. ‘Powegian’ is a funny word! LOL! Hey, I missed the fireworks? 😦 My daughter would have liked that. Oh well. Maybe next time.

  2. That’s what the newspaper called us! I didn’t make it up.

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