Danger! Wildlife in Poway!



Hmm… perhaps I should have warned you that there was a gruesome death scene posted here. Well, there it is. A small rattlesnake after the attempted beheading with a garden hoe.

Sadie is notorious for getting small animals in the yard. Since I’ve had her, we’ve found squirrels, moles, birds, rats, and small possums dead in the yard (and a few in the house). They aren’t torn apart or anything, just no longer living. I have no idea how she gets them, but she does. This evening, however, it seems a more dangerous animal had caught her attention.

Along one side of the yard, there is a short block wall (2 feet high, maybe?) due to the fact that the homes on that side are about 2 feet higher than ours. There is a small gap between the block wall and the real fence. In this gap was the rattlesnake, making a noise that really sounds like an irrigation line running. Until it stops and then starts up again. Somehow T was outside and heard it, then noticed Sadie over there looking interested in something. I guess he thought it might be a rat or something, so imagine his surprise (to say the least) when instead he spotted his quite angry rattlesnake. Dogs were ushered inside, doors closed, flashlights found, and then the hoe-down. Ha ha. Suffice to say, a garden clipper was needed to finish the job and the stupid head still was moving. I didn’t look, I just believe T when he told me. Body and head were tossed into the trash, while the whole time I kept thinking of that wacky story where a rattlesnake head “jumped” up and bit some farmer on the hand. Luckily, nobody was hurt and Sadie appears okay, too. Rest assured, we’ll be keeping a close eye on her tonight, just to make sure. (edited to add: Sadie’s just fine. I’d say she’s lethargic, but that’s normal for her and there’s no swelling, so she’s good to go.)

I know Poway is the City in the Country, but how often do I need to keep a lookout for these suckers??


2 responses to “Danger! Wildlife in Poway!

  1. Eeeuuuw! I thought you lived in the civilized part of California. See how often I go to visit you. And to think — I always clean your yard of doggie-do when I am there. Hah! Find your own pooper-scooper service now! Where I was born and raised, there are NO snakes. So am not used to seeing these creatures. Ugh!

  2. i need to know 3 things iin poway thats posonous….

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