Searching for answers

Sometimes, people find my site from really odd searches that I don’t expect.  Those make me laugh.  Other times, they are searching for tidbits that come from asking really good questions.  I wonder if they’re disappointed by what they find here?

Restaurant googles:

  • “house on the hill” – It’s built in a house, on a hill, in Poway, at the northeast corner of Poway and Pomerado Roads.  Steak and seafood, Wednesday jazz, happy hour appetizer specials, okay desserts.  A little pricey, but no more than The Brig and better food, in my opinion.  It’s hard to see from the road, so drive slowly until you see a driveway going up a steep hill.
  • “pamir poway” – Pamir Kabob House.  Good, cheap lunch specials.  Friendly owners and service.  Great tasting dinners, especially the lamb with sour cherries.  It’s on the northwest corner of Poway and Pomerado Roads, next to Weight Watchers and Winchell’s Donuts (does this seem odd to anyone else?)
  • “mexicantina poway” – Good food, okay guacamole, tasty strawberry margaritas.  Fast service, good in a pinch.  It’s along Poway Road behind Denny’s.  We used to go here until we found Lienzo Charro, which is just further down Poway Road near Frazee Paint.  Great carnitas at Lienzo Charro!
  • “golden spoon + hours” – They’re open pretty late during the week, but they aren’t open on Sundays.  Remember that.  When you’re driving home Sunday and you think a nice treat would be a mini cup of Golden Spoon frozen yogurt, they are not open on Sundays.
  • “where to buy wilson creek wine” and “wilson creek decadencia port” – Costco sells Wilson Creek Almond Champagne for, like, $9.  Way cheaper than at the winery.  I’m not sure who else sells their wines.  I hear there is a Longs Drugs in Temecula that sells a lot of the winery wines for less money.  The Decadencia port is one of the tastiest ports I’ve come across.  Until I had Leonesse’s port, that is.  But, since we didn’t snag a bottle of Leonesse port, the new bottle of Decadencia will have to do until the new release appears.  The Decadencia really does have a hint of chocolate to it and it goes down smoothly, even without a truffle chaser.  It’s not cheap, but it’ll last you for a while and it’s extremely enjoyable. 
  • “trader joe lambrusco” – I wrote a short piece about it here.  If you don’t want to go look, I’ll tell you now that it’s cheap ($4-5), sweet, sparkly, and easy to drink.  It’s not complex with a full body or anything.  It’s just sparkling wine.  Great for parties or an easy night at home with leftovers.
  • “fat vegas” – Well, yes, eating too much in Vegas can make you fat.  There is just too much good food in that town, both high-end and cheap, to pass up. 

Doggy googling:

  • “dogs eating zucchini” – Most dogs like vegetables.  Mine love carrots and lettuce, but not green beans.  They seem to be on the fence regarding zucchini.  I’ve found quite a few half eaten zucchinis from the garden just lying around the yard, tossed aside.  Did they not finish because they didn’t like it or where the zucchinis too big?  I don’t know.  But dogs can eat them, some do eat them, and Sadie likes to play fetch with them.
  • “coconut macaroons good for dogs” – I wouldn’t say they’re good for dogs as they have too much sugar.  They won’t kill your dog, since there’s no chocolate involved.  However, if your dog eats too much coconut, there may be unpleasant side effects.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please go google it somewhere else.
  • “roomba fur” – The Roomba does not come with a fur case.  You can buy plastic designs to stick on your Roomba, but that seems kind of weird to me.  The Roomba does suck up fur and also accumulates it well on its brushes.  If you are looking to buy a Roomba to help with your furry floor problems, I recommend you go for the “special” Roomba for Pets, and I mentioned here.  Please note, I have no idea how well it works on carpeted surfaces as our house has laminate flooring throughout most of the rooms.
  • “dog room” – Our dogs have their own dog room.  Most people call it a family room or tv room.  Coincidentally, the dog room is where the big screen tv and new comfy couch are.  One could argue that it is so the dogs have somewhere to sleep and something to entertain them while we are gone.  It’s really because the tv room is in the add-on room, so it is separated from the rest of the house by a sliding glass door and also has a built-in doggy door to the backyard.  It’s a good place to lock the dogs when we aren’t home.

And so ends this round of Google responses.  What have we learned?  Poway has some good eatin’ and my dogs are spoiled.  But really, is that anything you didn’t already know?


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