Saddest dog in the world..


You people don’t know how difficult it is, being a dog in our household.  People put the cushions sideways on the couch so that when you, a large non-lap dog, try to lie on top of the couch, you have to lie flat on the cushion instead of smushing it down.  When it gets too hot inside, the air conditioning kicks in and cools you off.  There are treats all over the place!  Biscuits and freeze-dried salmon and rawhide-like chews and Greenies and sometimes steak scraps!  What is a dog to do? 

Don’t believe me that this dog is just wishing for a better life?  Look at this face:


Life is so tough.


2 responses to “Saddest dog in the world..

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  2. My dogs seem to have the same complaints. Lots of beds to sleep in, lots of delicious, all natural treats to eat, it never gets too hot, there’s always plenty of time to sleep and oh yeah, you can’t forget about the fact that mommy and daddy scratch their tummies at least 10 hours a day. LOL

    Must be rough being a dog. Where do I sign up. 🙂

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