Poway BBQ update, kind of

Do a search for Poway BBQ and you’ll find one of two things: their menu as a whole wasn’t all that great and near the end you couldn’t figure out just when they would be open.

The last time we stopped by, we were determined to get in the door. Well, we did, only to be ushered out by the new owners. They said the restaurant was under new ownership, they were not currently open, but would be open “next week”. Given that they mentioned a time frame and not just “soon”, I was kind of excited to see what it would turn into.

After that, I forgot all about the place. After all, it is tucked away and hard to view from Poway Road. In case you don’t know, it is/was kind of behind Del Taco.

Then a friend mentioned they found this site after doing a search on “poway bbq”. Which reminded me of the new ownership and that they should be open by now (it’s been almost a month!) So I drove by it on my way home, instead of taking my usual shortcut, to see if a new sign had been put up. Or, even more optimistic, to see if an “Open” sign was there.

I have good news and bad news, folks: There is a new sign up and it says “Mr. Hummos Mediterranean food/restaurant/something”. Poway has a Mediterranean place coming! I wonder how it will be different from Pamir Kabob House (I guess they are more Persian and not Mediterranean)? The bad news? The sign also said “Coming Soon!” When will it open? The world may never know. Hopefully “soon” means in the next couple of weeks. I’m curious to try it and see if they’re good. And if their prices are reasonable. I’d love to have a good place for falafels and gyros (since, apparently, my liking Daphne’s is just despicable).

Keep your eyes open, people, and let me know if you spy the “Now Open” sign before I do!


3 responses to “Poway BBQ update, kind of

  1. Poway BBQ had ok things but was definitely not as good as it could have been. The worst thing about them was the waitresses. Never came back to check on you and, even though it was a small place, you could never find them when you needed something.

    You didn’t miss out on much 🙂

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