View from the couch

Most people buy a couch so they can stretch out and enjoy it while they watch tv or read or just hang out with friends.  I thought I was going to do that when I bought this couch.  I even looked for one with a long chaise attached to it so I could stretch out in comfort.  The one I got is a seat-and-a-half wide so it has plenty of room.  So, who stretches out on it instead and then looks kind of pouty if you take over when they get up?  No, not T.  He knows better than to take my seat.  It’s the Husky.  Sadie decided that part of the couch was nicely sized just for her and took to lying on it, sleeping on it, and just enjoying herself.  If you sat down there while she was eating, she’d come back to find her seat taken, looking very pointedly at you as she lay down on the floor.

But then I had to protect the couch from an unhappy Dulci cat.  Why was she unhappy?  I don’t know, but she made it very clear that something was upsetting her.  If you know cats, you know what I mean.  I stuck a plastic tray on the couch to keep her away (or at least keep the couch protected) and it seems to have worked.  But Sadie doesn’t like the plastic tray.  Cassie doesn’t mind, so she curls up there now.  Where does Sadie go?


Right up on top of the couch cushion like she’s some sort of tiny dog and not the 50 pound Husky that she is.  Silly. T got the idea to flip the cushions when we’re not here so at least the dogs flatten it into the correct shape instead of just completely squishing them up.


Typically, when she’s not trying to get up in your face to stick her tongue up your nose, Lexi just hangs out at our feet.  She’s doing that right now, actually, looking very innocent and sweet.  But I know better.


5 responses to “View from the couch

  1. Hi, I really enjoy your blog. I am very sorry about the guy who took umbrage but it’s your blog and you are only reporting your views, Please keep blogging so I can keep enjoying your dogs, food and opinions!

  2. Oh, don’t worry, one person isn’t going to make me stop when I’m just getting started! I’m glad you like it here!

  3. Awww, too cute! Sweet puppies!

  4. Oh my goodness, this looks familiar. We just got a sectional sofa – and our dogs take up a full third of it – I’ll have to take a picture sometime! Dogs are so great.

  5. So cute. So cute. So cute.

    (My head just exploded!)

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