Duck, duck, duck… salmon

Last night’s dinner was at Thee Bungalow. Again. Yes, we had just been there a week ago for a wine dinner. And a few weeks before that with the girls. No, I am not addicted. I can stop going whenever I want. Really. And no, I’m not seriously considering going on Sunday night. I kind of thought about it, but that would just be ridiculous. That much duck is probably not healthy for you. Even if it is really, really tasty.

I’m guessing that the special 70s menu ending next Wednesday is the reason I couldn’t get reservations for the 4 of us until 8:15pm. Luckily, my friends and T are troopers and were willing to put up with a late dinner for an inexpensive meal and some good company. I’m not the only one who gets a hankering for good roast duck. Three of us had duck, the other had salmon. I don’t know if you can eat salmon faster than you eat duck (maybe the duck bones slowed us down) but the salmon plate was clean long before we had finished our duck.

The meals came with either soup (roasted tomato) or salad (the house salad). T and I both had the soup, but the salad looked fresh and tasty, too. The tomato soup was nice and light, not cream based like a bisque, and tasted… like roasted tomatoes. It was good, but not as good as the one we had at Anthology.

I’ve never had the salmon off the regular menu, but if it’s as good as the salmon dish Chef Niles made for the Tobin James wine dinner, then I highly recommend trying it. It certainly looked similar and was eaten quickly with no complaints. Personally, I can’t get beyond the duck on the menu. Go with the cumberland sauce (cherries) and be sure the enjoy the crispy skin with every bite. It’ll make you happier, I promise. After a plate of duck leg and thigh, seasonal vegetables and a dollop of really good mashed potatoes, you’ll be pretty full. If you happen to have room for dessert, though, the restaurant serves up some tasty dishes there, too. I’m just not too fond of their souffle.

Between all these visits to Thee Bungalow and cravings for noodle crack, I kind of feel like I may need an intervention soon.


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