Work snacks


koko posted a picture of her food-laden desk at work. That up there is part of my desk in my office. My main desk is an L-shape, along the wall and then parallel to the door in front. To the left you can see the corner of my keyboard. To the left of that is desk space with piles of papers and folders – a messy yet organized pile. On the right end (the desk along the wall) is my phone, stacks of business cards, more piles of papers and my small desk calendar where I write down meetings and appointments in red so I don’t forget. This little section directly next to my monitor, between the keyboard space and the phone, is where I keep snacks. Something to eat when it’s too early for lunch or when I don’t want to give the vending machine 65 cents. So, from left to right, in order of appearance but not importance:

  • The red thermos is my coffee from the morning. It’s usually empty by 10 am but I leave it there so I remember to bring it home with me.
  • Soup at Hand, Creamy Chicken flavor. This is for when I have skipped lunch, the deli downstairs has closed, and I really don’t want lunch to be a bag of Doritos.
  • Salted Marcona almonds in the plastic container
  • These candy-coated chocolate-covered mints (like Junior Mints but round and with a hard candy shell) in a bag on top of the almonds.
  • That’s not yogurt on my desk, unrefrigerated. It’s full half full of gummi bears from Henry’s.
  • The green stick-y thing is my tea stick. You fill the lower steel part with tea leaves, click them together and put it in a mug of hot water. My mug is usually where the Soup at Hand is, but I washed it and then stuck it on a bookshelf. Obviously I haven’t had tea for a few days.
  • Then we have a small container of Jelly Bellys, scooped from a larger Costco container. I eat only the ones on top – no digging! – but I throw out the flavors I don’t like: butter popcorn, bubblegum, licorice, cotton candy, and that tutti fruity flavor. I think I also don’t like the buttered toast or something flavor. What’s the orange spotty one?



In addition to my desk snacks, I also have food on the little bookshelf under the window behind me. Chocolate mini meringues from Trader Joe’s for when I want a chocolatey snack (oh yeah, there’s also a bar of Chuao chocolate next to my phone) and Just Peas for when I want to fill my tummy but still be “healthy”. The shoe box is full of teas, instant soup, some cookies, packets of hot sauce, and mints.

I also keep a tall glass of water next to me during the day to try and stay hydrated. It’s also a good excuse to get up and walk to the kitchen for a refill or down the hall to the bathroom for… well, you know. It gets me up from my desk for a little stretch.

Now, what’s on your desk?


2 responses to “Work snacks

  1. I knew I wasn’t the only one with an assortment of goodies on their desk.

    Thanks for playing along

  2. I have lemons for my water, walnuts and raisons in my desk. But I keep soup, bagels and oatmeal in the kitchen.

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