Instant gratification


I’m one of those people who gets a craving for something sweet, something particular, and I want it now.  But, I only want a taste.  After awhile, T started keeping some of my previous requests in his kitchen, just in case a craving hit – Swedish fish gummi bears, ding dong, ice cream.  Of course, I always wanted something that wasn’t there.  But it was a very good attempt on his part.

I own both Instant Gratification and Just a Bite, dessert cookbooks aimed to those who want something small but something quick (although, not always in the same book).  I flip through it often, making a mental note of recipes that sound good for when that craving hits.  But, I either don’t have all the ingredients when the time comes or it ends up being a tad more work than I want to put forward.  My amount of effort at these moments amounts to Open Package + Eat Dessert.

Over at Jayden’s Steamy Kitchen, a culinary revolution has been made: Negative Calorie Cake.  Now, I find her math to be a little fuzzy, but hey, I’m also the person who claims that eating the broken cookies means all the calories have fallen out, if you share a cupcake then food karma deems it fat-free, and ice cream is just as healthy for strong bones as milk.

As is tradition, I had no chocolate cake mix in the pantry.  White, yellow, more yellow, and pineapple.  Yesterday I had no eggs.  I suppose if I had been thinking, I could have purchased chocolate cake mix when I bought eggs, but I think that defeats the purpose of this last-minute cake.  I did, however, have bananas – all brown and mushy and frozen, waiting to become something else.  I chose the pineapple cake because I figured without the chocolate to mask the banana, pineapple would be the most complementary flavor.

It’s really very simple.  Mix the ingredients as they are listed on the cake mix box, replacing whatever oil with the banana.  Spoon into a greased ramekin only half full.  I have tested this and can tell you that you do not want to fill the ramekin more than half full.  Just trust me.  Microwave at 80% for 5 minutes (or maybe 3.5 minutes on full?) and you have yourself the fastest cake ever.  Ever.

Right now you’re asking, “Wait.  Doesn’t microwaving baked goods make them tough and chewy?”  Well, yes.  But that only applies if you let the baked good cool and eat it later.  If you eat this cake while it’s still warm and only make as many ramekins as you have eaters, this chewy problem doesn’t apply.  It’s a good cake and it’s fast.  And you can make it with whatever cake mix you have.

Now, the pineapple got overshadowed by the banana, but it was lighter than a banana cake.  Topped with Orange Popsicle ice cream made from The Perfect Scoop and you have gone above and beyond satisfying a craving.  I can’t wait to make a chocolate one.

I don’t know about the negative calorie part.  I mean, the banana makes it pretty healthy and everyone knows that eggs are good for you.  I’m also pretty sure that when the microwave energy kills most of the calories and kind of steams the cake.  And everyone knows that steamed food is really good for you.  So, while this may not be a negative calorie dessert, it’s definitely very good for you.



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