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As this is a very new blog, I like to look at everything related to its “stats” – how people found me, who they clicked on, and what searches they did that brought up my posts.  That’s the best one, the searches.  Because it amuses me, here’s what people have been trying to find lately, only to end up here:

  • “nothing bundt cakes flavors”Nothing Bundt Cakes has over a dozen flavors and they are all good.  Always try the flavor of the month, call ahead if you want the holiday Pumpkin flavor, and do tell me if the February Red Velvet doesn’t impress your loved one.

  • “japan house, scripps ranch” – As far as I know, Japan House doesn’t have a website, but they are located at 12205 Scripps Poway Parkway, which is in the city of Poway, not San Diego.  It’s a little Americanized and sometimes the lone server gets overwhelmed (but he’s really nice and tries his best), but the food is standard and good and will definitely quell a craving for a teriyaki bento box.

  • “24 hour fitness annual renewal” – I pay $20 to renew my annual membership, due to some great deal I found years ago.  I hear most people pay $20 a month to stay home and not go to the gym they belong to. 

  • “gratuity tax restaurants” – Most restaurants add gratuity for large parties or during special events (San Diego Restaurant Week, anniversary menus, etc).  However, in all my eating, I’ve only come across one that adds tax on the added gratuity.  I’ve done the research and understand this is legal because once gratuity is no longer voluntary it becomes a taxable service charge.  Whatever.  It leaves a bad taste in my mouth, especially when it’s done by a mediocre chain restaurant.

  • “thai scripps poway parkway” – That would be Takhrai Thai, located in the same shopping center as Japan House and Nothing Bundt Cakes at 12265 Scripps Poway Parkway.  Good food!  Great lunch deals!  I would say their Thai food is better than Cafe de Thai, but I can’t argue with Cafe de Thai’s close proximity to home.

  • “cakes dogs can eat” – I’ve never made a cake specifically for my dogs, but ljc has.  I would think that as long as you stay away from chocolate, onions, grapes, salt, and excess sugar, any cake would be fine for dogs.  Just because it doesn’t taste good to you doesn’t mean your dog won’t enjoy it.  Dogs really like yogurt, cottage cheese, and peanut butter.  Mine love carrots.  If I were to make them a cake, I’d probably make a carrot cake (no raisins) without the sugar and frost it with cottage cheese.  Or I’d make pupcakes (get it? cupcakes for pups? ha ha!) so they can each eat one and not fight over a big cake.

  • “how to get more zucchini from a plant” – I’ve never had trouble with having too few zucchini from my plants.  If you find you aren’t getting a lot, perhaps you don’t have bees or bugs to properly polinate your plants?  Zucchinis put out two types of flowers: male and female.  One looks like a flower (I think that’s the male) and the other looks like a teeny tine baby zucchini with a flower on the end (female?).  The female flower needs to be pollinated by the male flower.  You can do this yourself by touching all the flowers to pollinate them.  But when you find you now have a glut of zucchini, please don’t come here searching for “what to do with too much zucchini”.  I will just tell you to make zucchini bread, zucchini fritters, or give it away.

  • “upscale fancy dinner party desserts” – I don’t know if you are looking to make desserts or buy them.  My dinner parties can get fancy, but they’re certainly not upscale.  I do well with my German Chocolate Cake, tiramisu, a molten chocolate cake, or chocolate fondue.  Small desserts are also a hit, as they look pretty on a platter: cupcakes, chocolate dipped strawberries, coconut macaroons, small creampuffs, or mini scoops of ice cream.

  • “poway dining” – See here.  Also, here (hi Scott!).


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  1. Hi right back! I’ve got to try Nothing Bundt Cakes…

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