Coffee by day, tea by night


I love coffee.  With cream and sugar.  Just sweet enough to take away the bitterness, just creamy enough to make it rich.  But I can only drink coffee in the morning, otherwise it keeps me up at night and I don’t get a good night’s sleep (and I love sleep).  Sometimes, on weekends, I’ll have a small cup in the early afternoon if T makes it or buys it (if we’re out).  Caffeine doesn’t affect him like it affect most people.  Of course, his office also has a fancy-schmancy pod machine with delectably yummy dark roasts.  If my office had that, I’d probably pick up a coffee habit, too.

In the afternoons, though, sometimes you need a small pick-me-up.  On rare occasions, when someone has to go to work when it’s still dark and isn’t there to brew a pot of coffee in the morning, you need something warm to drink in the morning at work (yes, I think I’m spoiled).  For those times, I drink tea.  Not just any tea – okay, occasionally it’s any tea I can find, but it’s not preferred – but Adagio Tea.

I can’t remember how I first found them, but I do know that I went crazy, ordering samples of everything and now I have over 2 dozen sample containers (which I turned into very cute magnetic spice jars) and have narrowed it down to a few favorite teas: chamomile, jasmine pearls (#12), actually any green tea, and blood orange herbal tea.

They also sell these cool tea filter papers for only $3 so that you can brew loose tea (some say it’s the only way to brew tea) without a teapot or fancy equipment.  I mainly use the ingenuiTEA – it’s easy to use and easy to clean.

These teas have become gifts to friends and one of our favorite afternoon tea spots in San Diego serves their tea.  Adagio also has a spot called TeaChef, where you can join a program to create dishes, sweet and savory, with a featured tea.  Order over $50 receive free shipping, but regular ground shipping has flat fee of only $3.75.  With samples being only $3 and enough for at least 10 cups (plus the cute tin), I think they’re worth trying at least once. 


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