Made in America with John Ratzenberger


The night we girls went to Thee Bungalow, T drove up to Oceanside to have dinner with his buddy, who happens to be the RV driver for John Ratzenberger’s Made in America show on the Travel Channel.  You may also know John Ratzenberger from his various roles on Pixar films – from Toy Story to A Bug’s Life to the latest, Ratatouille.  They call him their good luck charm.  I guess you might also know him from his role as Cliff on Cheers.  But I prefer to know that he plays funny animated characters and also gets to travel in a decked out RV to random places around the US, checking out what people are making, whether it’s something new they thought of or continuing some hundred years old tradition of carving rocking chairs by hand.  That’s just cool stuff.

So, T got to have dinner with Mr. Ratzenberger (and didn’t come home with a picture) and the whole crew.  And he got to see his buddy, which is really the best part.


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