bagel sandwiches


Bagel sandwiches always sound so good – warm crusty bagel, egg, sausage or bacon, and gooey cheese.  I even like sausage McMuffins (mmm… and McGriddles, even though I haven’t had either in years).  But whenever I get one, I’m disappointed.  It’s not tasty enough, it’s way too high, and after a few bites, I start wondering if the egg is real or if it came from a pre-packaged source.  Then the sausage starts tasting funny and I eng up just picking off the bagel top and eating that and wishing I had just gotten a toasted bagel with cream cheese.

When will I learn?

A good bagel sandwich, though, involves no egg.  The perfect bagel sandwich is just warm from toasting, has a smear (not schmear) of cream cheese and slices of ripe tomato and then a sprinkling of that lemon pepper full of that citric acid tartness.  Yum.  That would make me happy on even the worst of days.  Did you know that I had never known such a thing existed until T bought me one?  Just one more reason he makes life better.


2 responses to “bagel sandwiches

  1. If you want to make it even more wonderful, take all of the above and add avocado. So good. I dunno if Cafe Crema is still in PB, but when I was at UCSD, I used to study there all the time and they had the “California Bagel Sandwich” and it blew my mind with deliciousness.

  2. Yum. Avocado would make it better! Ooh… and then bacon!

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